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4 Types of Social Media Mistakes

oops 300x248 4 Types of Social Media MistakesThere are many examples of social media infractions by companies, but the good news is that these types of experiences force marketers and senior executives to take notice and become more responsible about social media. In an earlier post I shared tips on how organizations can respond to criticism on social media.

While examples provide a good baseline of what “not to do,” they also help you take a step back and explore the different types of social media mistakes you should avoid. Here are a list of top social screw-ups and what you can do to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Lacking a Presence

Not having a social media presence could be considered slander in today’s digital marketing world. Social media gives your brand the opportunity to have a voice that reaches a wider and diverse audience. Solution: Learn to let your hair down, be open, insightful and deliver to your targeted demographic. Also take some time to listen to what others are saying about you – this will help you understand the general sentiment and deliver content accordingly.

Mistake #2: Poor Customer Service

Sub-par customer service and poor-performing products have no place in today’s social landscape. Consumers are quick to share their dissatisfaction, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform. Solution: Listening will help you capture negative experiences customers are sharing. As an organization you need to set certain expectations and make it right with the customer.

Mistake #3: Poor Responses

Whether it’s taking too long to respond or offering oblivious responses to consumers – these are all reflective of your brand. Many companies are past due in realizing that anyone using a corporate account speaks as the voice of the company across social media. Solution: Offer organizational social media training that is compliant with social protocol and will also help mitigate embarrassment for your brand.  

Mistake #4: One-Time Fiascos

The reality is that mistakes happen (although one could argue that some are more obvious than others). Some mistakes even originate outside of social media, but the new digital landscape offers consumers an opportunity to relay their opinions and responses quickly. Solution: Create a social media disaster plan. The worse possible response you can have to a social media mistake, is no response at all. You need to show consumers that you care. This means developing a plan to get out a message, apologizing and participating in the discussion.

Are there are other mistakes/solutions that you’ve come across? Share them in the comments below!

 4 Types of Social Media Mistakes
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10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]

Converting leads into customers is a top marketing goal for businesses. A few months ago I had shared an infographic that outlined 10 Things Your Customers Wished You Knew About Them. Understanding your customers is important for not only making good business decisions, but also because it’s the first step in creating brand awareness so your prospects discover who you are. The next step of this process is informing and educating these prospects, so they eventually convert into a lead or sale.

Help Scout, a customer service software company has put together this infographic that highlights research related to the topic. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Remind your customers how easy it is to get started (example: one month trial) – help them get past the “Action Paralysis.”
  • Research shows that customers are more trustworthy of companies that own their mistakes, rather than blame external sources.
  • Focus on how your product or service can solve your potential customers pain-points fast. If you make them wait, you’ll loose their interest.
  • Of customers who have a strong relationships with certain brands, 64% said it was because of their shared values with those brands.

Learn more below:

convert customers infographic large 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]



Infographic courtesy of Helpscout.


 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]
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The Science of Social Timing [Infographic]

When should you post to social media?

I have been asked this question many times. While it’s always good to test and learn from your own experiences, it’s also helpful to look at research and what other companies are doing. As a business it’s important to try to focus on peak times you know your audience is most engaged on social media to receive the best feedback and/or responses.

Luckily, Kissmetrics has put together a great infographic that illustrates the top time zones, peak and low times to post. Some key takeaways are:

  • The Eastern and Central time zones combined represent almost 80% of the population
  • About 6% of all retweets (highest percentage) occur around 5PM
  • CTR’s are higher around Noon and 6PM
  • Best day to share on Facebook is Saturday
  • Best time to share on Facebook is Noon

science of social timing part 1 The Science of Social Timing [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Kissmetrics.

 The Science of Social Timing [Infographic]
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Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses [Infographic]

Once a business has established its social media presence, the biggest mistake it can make is not posting consistently or enough. Considering the incredible growth of this marketing channel, it’s just as easy to loose followers as it is to gain followers. Consumers have embraced social media because it allows them to directly connect with brands and if brands fail to meet their expectations then they will certainly hit unfollow, unlike or unsubscribe.

Luckily, The Whole Brain Group has created a social media checklist for businesses who are looking for more direction on how to proceed with various social media activities, ranging from blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest updates. Learn more below:

 Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of The Whole Brain Group.

 Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses [Infographic]
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Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands

We know that social media has created another channel for customers to share positive and negative experiences with others. Companies should take this opportunity to fix negative experiences, highlighting their commitment to quality customer service. Along with this, they should be monitoring what customers are saying on the web.

A new study from eMarketer found that only 50% of companies use social media to track what is being said about their brands, and follow up with customers. Also, only 44% of companies have an internal response plan in place. What is the lesson here? Learn from other’s mistakes, monitor what is being about your brand, have an action plan and respond to negative feedback! Acknowledging any form of feedback will show your customers that you care about their experiences – which in turn can increase loyalty to your brand.

data social faux pas 01 2012 Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands

 Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands
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