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10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]

Converting leads into customers is a top marketing goal for businesses. A few months ago I had shared an infographic that outlined 10 Things Your Customers Wished You Knew About Them. Understanding your customers is important for not only making good business decisions, but also because it’s the first step in creating brand awareness so your prospects discover who you are. The next step of this process is informing and educating these prospects, so they eventually convert into a lead or sale.

Help Scout, a customer service software company has put together this infographic that highlights research related to the topic. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Remind your customers how easy it is to get started (example: one month trial) – help them get past the “Action Paralysis.”
  • Research shows that customers are more trustworthy of companies that own their mistakes, rather than blame external sources.
  • Focus on how your product or service can solve your potential customers pain-points fast. If you make them wait, you’ll loose their interest.
  • Of customers who have a strong relationships with certain brands, 64% said it was because of their shared values with those brands.

Learn more below:

convert customers infographic large 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]



Infographic courtesy of Helpscout.


 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology [Infographic]
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10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic]

Earlier this week I shared an infographic that outlined the 6 Keys to Branding your Small Business. One of the components was related to knowing who your target audience – or customers are. You can never know too much about your customers. Understanding their likes and dislikes, shopping behavior, etc. can help you make better business decisions.

Surprisingly, there are still things that customers say they wish businesses understood about them better. Help Scout, a customer service software company has put together this infographic that highlights research related to the topic.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Customers prefer knowledgeable and thought-out service, rather than having a rushed experience.
  • Loyalty customers are bound to stay if get them started with the program.
  • Consumers would rather connect with a brand emotionally than with “savings” type messages.
  • Everyone loves pleasant surprises!

10 things you should know about your customers infographic 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of HelpScout.

 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic]
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Exclusive Interview With ModCloth’s Social Media Team

Social media has turned into an extension of our lives. It’s the place where people connect with their friends, family and now different brands. Users share their likes, interests and thoughts. People don’t necessarily come to social media to buy products. However, they may connect with brands that either relate to their interests or products they like. So for brands looking to learn how to use this channel, what better way than to meet people who are successfully leading a company’s social media efforts.

Today I introduce you to Natasha Khan and Alicia Barnes. They both represent the PR and Social media faces of ModCloth, a vintage-inspired clothing, accessories and décor retailer. In our interview they share their experience with social media and offer some advice for businesses looking to build a social media marketing strategy. 

Being a strictly ecommerce business, how do you get people to discover your content?

Answered by: Alicia Barnes, PR Manager

We have a variety of methods for reaching new customers and audiences, from fun contests like our Name it and Win it, which invites customers to creatively name one of our items, to a comprehensive and targeted social media presence, to partnerships with brands that we think have audiences similar to our customer base. But among all of our efforts, the consistent objective is creating a fun and engaging experience for new customers that invest them in our products and brand.

ModCloth has a great focus on blogger outreach. How do you measure the success of the program?

Answered by: Alicia Barnes, PR Manager

Working with bloggers has been important to us from the beginning. We want to be a part of empowering all women to feel that they have a voice in the fashion industry. We want to build a site experience that does that, but we also feel that collaborating with bloggers is a big part of that – they’re real women with unique senses of style, and we love seeing how they interpret ModCloth pieces. In this context, revenue and traffic generated from these relationships is something we look at, but it has less of a focus than in more traditional avenues of marketing; what we’re most interested in is reinforcing our brand mission and involving bloggers in sharing ModCloth with their communities. That said, we definitely look at the engagement and buzz that our relationships with bloggers generate; we want to make sure that blog readers are engaged and participating in a conversation via comments on the blog and social networks.

Measuring the ROI of social media is a primary challenge for marketers in 2012. What is the goal of ModCloth’s social media efforts? How do you measure the success of these efforts?

Answered by: Natasha Khan, Social Media Manager

Our social media objectives are three-fold, the first being brand awareness, second brand loyalty, and the third increasing traffic to ModCloth.com. All three are essential to our success on social channels. We measure brand awareness with virality and reach metrics; we measure brand loyalty with engagement and customer care metrics; and we measure traffic to ModCloth.com through tagging and tracking of links using Google Analytics. Our ultimate goal is to assist in making ModCloth a household name, nurture brand advocates, and encourage our girls to visit our site on a daily basis.

Can you provide any examples of a successful social media campaign for ModCloth?

Answered by: Natasha Khan, Social Media Manager

Something Modcloth contest Exclusive Interview With ModCloths Social Media Team

ModCloth’s ‘Something ModCloth, Something You’ Contest: http://blog.modcloth.com/2012/01/23/something-mc-pinterest-contest. We asked customers to build their dream wedding board. We chose one board to inspire our wedding stylebook, and that customer received a GC. The quantifiable results from the contest were participation, new followers, increased traffic from Pinterest, and customer sentiment. Through the contest, we gained thousands of new followers. We had a total of 600 entries.

Every month we do a Twitter topic mashup! For example, one month, we asked our followers to mash up fashion terms and famous books using hashtag #literaryfashion. The contest gained us not only fans, but attention from acclaimed poet Margaret Atwood.

Mobile has been growing tremendously this year. Does Mobile play a role in your social media strategy? How so?

Answered by: Alicia Barnes, PR Manager

We just launched the first iteration of our mobile site a few months ago and we’re seeing a steady rise in traffic, but we’re still in the process of building the best mobile experience possible for our customer. Right now, mobile’s not playing a huge role in our social media strategy, but we’re going to continue listening to our customer as we improve our mobile site, so we’re building to what she wants. Ultimately, we see mobile as another way for our customer to engage with us beyond purchasing. We want her to be able to browse and shop of course, but also leave product reviews, participate in Be the Buyer, and connect to the larger ModCloth community.

What other online strategies has ModCloth found success in? Do you have a diverse online marketing mix?

Answered by: Alicia Barnes, PR Manager

One less obvious way we engage our customer is through our merchandising on the site. We launch many items a day but in small lots, and we allow our customer to let us know what she wants to see come back in stock. This allows us to gauge demand and notify our customers directly when the item returns to the site. We also listen to how she “loves” and reviews items.

Additionally, we use our blog and social media to create a personal dialogue with the customer. We have huge followings on Twitter and Facebook and are building significant followings on niche networks like Instagram and Pinterest–we believe in meeting the customer and talking with her wherever she is! Customer engagement has been integral to our success so far and is going to really drive what we offer our customers in the future.

What advice can you provide to small businesses who are looking to build a social media marketing strategy? What are some points that justify social media spend for executives who are resistant?

Answered by: Natasha Khan, Social Media Manager

Social media has elements of PR, Crisis Management, Outreach, and Customer Service, so when building your strategy all of the above should be considered. How they are prioritized definitely depends on your company’s objectives. Some companies, heavily invest in their social channels as customer service outlets, without doing a big push around merchandising or promotions.

One seductive element of social media is how frequently a new site or app is launched. The smart social media manager knows that not every platform is a fit for their organization. For example, if you don’t have a visually appealing brand, you should probably not be on Pinterest. Also, if your demographic is mostly women, Google Plus might not be a great traffic source for you, currently, as it skews predominantly male.

Whether you represent a brand or yourself, breaking through the noise online requires having an unique perspective and being consistent. Finding your voice is essential, as much as finding a schedule that keeps you top of mind with your audience.

 Exclusive Interview With ModCloths Social Media Team
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Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground [Infographic]

As we know, social media has changed many things. Today’s customers are social, mobile and connected.  They have different expectations from businesses, which includes understanding social customer service. Did you know that 58 percent of customers who have tweeted about a bad  experience never receive a response from the offending company?

The demand for social customer service is growing rapidly. Even a small improvement in this area can equate to positive brand awareness and potential increase in sales. The infographic below comes from Bluewolf and takes a deeper look at why social customer service is the next competitive battleground.

 Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Bluewolf.

 Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground [Infographic]
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Preferred Methods of Customer Service [Research]

91% of respondents aware of Facebook as a customer service tool

Have you ever left a comment, complaint or suggestion on a company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed? Customers are doing this more than ever before. Social media has opened another avenue of customer service that never existed before. Beyond social media, there are of course other options, such as email, calling or writing a letter (yes, people still do this). As types of communication evolve, so will customer expectations. Emarketer reported findings of a recent survey which showed the different types of methods customers prefer or have used to provide feedback to companies:

Social Media Customer Support User Preference April 2012 Preferred Methods of Customer Service [Research]

In total, social media made up 51%, which isn’t surprising to me. But I was surprised by the high number of customers who prefer writing letters. It was reported that 27% of those who used social media said they were happy to get a response from a company.

When breaking down this data, there’s a correlation between communication type and age group. The data showed that younger customers had a higher preference for feedback on social networks, while older customers preferred direct contact with companies.

Preferred method of contacting or providing feedback to companies by age group Preferred Methods of Customer Service [Research]

Taking all this information into consideration, it’s important that companies embrace customer service on all social networks (but not forget other channels of course). Companies need to be more proactive in how they respond so customer satisfaction rises. The ultimate goal is to increase customer loyalty and word of mouth about your brand…isn’t it?

 Preferred Methods of Customer Service [Research]
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