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Identifying Social Business Objectives

I’m often asked by people, “How do you identify social objectives?” My answer is always: “Tie it back to the actual business objectives.” More often than not, I’m given a semi-blank stare, with a response related to how difficult that can actually be. There are many tools available that help us track the success of social campaigns. Here are some common social business objectives that can be applied to any launch campaign:

Gaining brand exposure

Exposure is an important and powerful metric to measure. When your content is good, social can help you push your content further beyond your own audiences – to even those who may not have heard of you.

Fostering consumer dialogue

The objective of creating a conversation or dialogue between an organization and its consumers is grounded in the fundamental concept of using social media to facilitate conversations between people. These dialogues require brands to act in a genuine manner. Components of the dialogue include: building awareness by initiating conversations (creating original content), engaging with consumers to understand their response to ideas, thoughts, products, etc., and responding to individuals through genuine interactions (a great way to instill trust).

Promoting consumer advocacy

This objective really involves enlisting the support and dedication of individuals who are ambassadors of a brand/company, without having an official connection. This type of advocacy allows brands to extend their reach by taking advantage of the word of mouth opportunities. Consumer advocacy requires: nurturing existing relationships, encouraging word of mouth activity and developing relationships with folks who have an affinity with your brand.

Facilitating customer support

This business objective represents the major shift in consumer empowerment – which has been enabled by social media. Consumers can now turn to social media channels to share their issues. They can certainly share your praises for everyone to hear, but can just as easily throw you under the bus. This has also led to the expectation of instantaneous responses to their social posts. With that said, consumers who are listening and sharing, will develop (and share) their impressions of your brand based on your ability to respond to them in a timely manner, along with the quality of your answers. Support requires the following: expediting issue resolution (and communicating it), resolving the issues through the social channels and ultimately satisfying customers.

Learning from the conversations

This should be an obvious objective for all organizations. It’s important to realize that every conversation with an advocate, customer, etc. provides an opportunity to learn. The best businesses will embrace these experiences and formalize the learning process by tracking insight, dialogue and even complaints, as a part of their long term growth and strategy.

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Tips for Building Loyal Brand Advocates

7214953050 f90567f11c m Tips for Building Loyal Brand Advocates

Consumers are influential. They have the power to influence their peers to buy or not buy your products – both offline and online. How is this determined? Based off their experiences with your brand. Creating a brand advocacy program can help you take steps towards turning your customers into advocates. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Know Your Content

Before you decide on what you say to your advocates, you should know the story you’re trying to tell. It’s important to determine your tone of voice, narrative, platform and even your content creation process. Understanding the process of content ideation, creation, approvals and distribution can be demanding – which is why it’s important to create a structure. The combination of everything outlined above will allow your advocates to help you tell your brand story.

Appreciate and Thank Often

At the core of building brand loyalty is rewarding and thanking users for their activity and engagement. Taking the time to say thank you forms a positive reciprocal relationship between you and the consumer, and brands that take advantage of this early on can create loyal advocates. If someone is taking the time to support your brand, you should ask yourself how can you say thank you?

Evangelize internally

In an earlier post I shared the importance of embracing employees as brand advocates. Employees continue to be one of the most under-leveraged resources for many brands. From experience, I’ve found that this is often caused by departments being siloed, which creates a lack of communication. Building a successful brand loyalty and advocacy program includes a company-wide initiative. You should ask yourself, if your employees won’t buy your product, then why should anyone else?

Listen and Learn

If there is anything word of mouth marketing has taught us, it’s that customers want to be heard, and not only that, they want to make sure you’re actually listening. Advocates are not only keen on sharing experiences about your product or services, they can also provide insights and suggestions. If you’re listening but not doing anything with consumer feedback, you’ll build brand critics, not brand advocates. The importance here is engaging and adding value for your customers. In turn, they will appreciate your efforts and recommend you to others.

Are there other tips I’ve missed? Share them in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Jenni Rodger.


 Tips for Building Loyal Brand Advocates
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How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?

hashtags1 150x150 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?Hashtags are everywhere and on different types of marketing materials. With that said, most television programs have also adapted this social media tool to promote their brands or even special topics and events. During this years Super Bowl, dozens of new commercials debuted and some got more buzz than others. It’s the time of year when advertisers go all out to make sure their commercials stand out and resonate with viewers.

More than 50% of the ads mentioned social media, with many using hashtags. Sysomos analyzed the reaction to these ads on Twitter and found that people prefer to tweet about a brand, rather than the commercial. So it’s not surprising that companies that used their own brand name in the hashtag (#doritos) performed better than those that didn’t. Popularity of the ad also played a role as well (#TheKiss).

The infographic below highlights the hashtags that were featured in different commercials and how they performed during the Super Bowl:

hashtag gridiron 662x1024 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?Infographic courtesy of Sysomos.

 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?
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Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]

With the enormous growth of social media and it’s impact on branding efforts, companies are looking to find more ways to determine the ROI of their social media efforts. While the concept of “liking” has definitely evolved over time and it’s value is often debated, according to a new research study, about 50% percent of consumers think a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than a brand’s website. Do you agree?

Research company, Lab42, has put together the infographic below which highlights their findings. Some key takeaways are:

  • 82% say Facebook is a good place to interact with brands
  • 75% say they feel more connected to a brand on Facebook
  • The biggest motivators of liking a brand on Facebook are promotions and discounts 
  • 77% have actually saved money from liking brands
  • 73% have unliked brands because: (1) They post too often (2) Stopped liking the brand or (3) Had a bad customer experience

Learn more below:

LikeUs INFO1 Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Lab42.


 Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]
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6 Keys to Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

Branding is one of the major investments you can make for your business. It establishes your identity and effectively differentiates you from your competitors. In order to keep yourself relevant in the crazy playing field, your company must have a brand identity. The folks at Webs.com have created a fun infographic that visually highlights six steps towards building your brand. They are:

  • Know Your Target
  • Keep it Simple
  • Stay Consistent
  • Be Visible
  • Get Social
  • Have a Voice

Learn more below:

SMB Branding Infographic Clives Car 6 Keys to Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

Infographic Courtesy of Webs.com.


 6 Keys to Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]
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