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5 Business Lessons From Game Of Thrones

game of thrones image 5 Business Lessons From Game Of Thrones Game of Thrones has become my not-so-guilty-pleasure (I’m sad season 2 just ended last night).  For those of you who don’t know, this show is about a number of noble houses who fight to claim their right to the throne. While I’ve never read the books, the TV series has presented some valuable lessons over time.

Some are obvious and some serve as a good reminder. Here are five business lessons that are sure to keep you motivated, whether you’re starting a new business or exploring a new venture:

1. Aim To Be The Best

When you’re pitching your idea to a business executive or a VC, they don’t want to hear that you’re building something “better,” they want to hear that you’re building a product that will be a game changer. This is why you should always aim to be the best, no matter what obstacles come in your way. During a troubling time, Tyrion found success in the discovery of Wildfire, a very disruptive and powerful tool. This turned into a competitive advantage that helped them win at Blackwater. He aimed to be the best.

2. Know Your Competition

Understanding your key competitors is an important business lesson for everyone. You need to make sure your strategy takes these competitors into consideration. This is what will differentiate you from others – if you know what others in your industry are doing, it will make you stronger and help you stay prepared. Even though we don’t have ravens to help us, we have the internet – Use it to your advantage!

3. Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

One of my favorite characters is Tyrion. He made himself stronger throughout the series and played a key role in strategizing the battle at Blackwater. He turned his weaknesses into strengths. A great quote from the show is:

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” – Tyrion Lannister


Sometimes it’s easier to take a weakness and use it as an excuse. The most successful people win despite any weaknesses. They move forward and demand respect, which leads to success.

4. Build A Strong Network & Team

A key component of the show is building alliances. To gain information, you need a network, consisting of allies, friends and trust. This network can lead you to stronger connections that can help your brand in different ways.  Sometimes even a one time acquittance can have an impact. Regardless, look for ways to build a strong network – it’s one of the most important business lessons to succeed. Another key component for success, is having a strong team. Making sure that everyone is on the same page and trusts each other is necessary.

5. Be Prepared

The Stark Motto fits this last business lesson very well: Winter Is Coming. It’s a reminder to always be prepared and understand that life may throw out nasty surprises at you. Regardless of what happens, never give up. If you’re able to prepare yourself for any contingencies, then you’ll be able to fight any storm that comes your way.

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Four Marketing Lessons From “The Artist”

The Artist poster Four Marketing Lessons From The ArtistI recently re-watched the Oscar winning film, “The Artist.” Having grown up watching classic Bollywood films (I’ve seen many black and white films with my parents when I was younger), “The Artist” caught my attention immediately. As I watched the film, I picked up on many lessons from the main character, George. The movie showcases his turbulent career during the changing world of Hollywood in 1929. Without spoiling the plot, here are a few lessons that I think anyone can benefit from:

Let go of the ego

As humans we’re often threatened by failure and afraid of taking chances when we’re already seeing success within our comfort zone. In the film, when the main character, George, refuses to accept that the ‘talkies’ will soon take over the silent era of film – it is his ego that takes over. He didn’t want to accept that the times were changing.

In life we come across many situations that we don’t want to accept, but no matter what, leave the ego at the door. An ego can give you false perceptions of yourself and make you turn away from people who are closest to you. The key to success is staying humble.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks

We’re allowed to make mistakes and we should always take the opportunity to learn from them. A quote that summarizes this well is, “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” This stands true for everyone. In the film, George, hits rock bottom after his failed movie attempt. He took a risk, but he didn’t rise from it immediately. The lesson here is: don’t be afraid of taking risks. You will fall, but the real treasure is rising and become a stronger person from it.

Pay attention to change

A great lesson the film provides is that changes are happening all the time. George initially didn’t accept that moviegoers wanted to hear sound. He refused to be a part of talking films, which ultimately led to his minor decline. The industry moved on without him. The lesson here is: pay attention to the changes around you. You have to observe and listen to what your customers are saying.

Never give up!

The last but perhaps more important lesson is: never give up! The world is your oyster. Reach for the stars. I could go on with cliched phrases, but ultimately it is up to you to make it happen. George, had given up. But with the help and support of his friends, he was able to get back up on his feet and enter the movie industry again. Don’t give up on yourself and your dream. No matter how defeated you feel, there’s always a way to come back up and win again.

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