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Social Media: Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates

brand ambassador Social Media: Employees Are Your Best Brand AdvocatesOne of the most under-leveraged resources for many brands comes from within: their employees. Research has continuously shown that people trust word of mouth or recommendations anonymously or via personal networks. So then this raises the question – why don’t more companies leverage the support of their employees? (Hiring interns is not the answer to this question).

While Social media has a reputation for distracting employees, it can actually have the opposite effect if used properly. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. can improve communication between an employer and its employees, along with employees and coworkers. Here are some steps an organization can take to start engaging employees in their social media activity:


Employees need to be trained on the uses and misuses of social media. Along with this, they need to understand that they will be held accountable if they write something that damages the reputation of your brand. Don’t assume they know this! Have clear guidelines and a social media policy can help veer this discussion in the right direction.

Encourage Sharing

A great way to engage employees is to encourage them to share and lobby on behalf of the brand online. However, before you launch the proactive army of bloggers, Facebookers or Tweeters – you need to make sure you have a social media policy in place. A social media policy should be high priority for your brand, because sometimes even well-meaning employees can severely damage your company’s online reputation.

Lead by Example

If your company is not on twitter, then why should your employees? If your business is not blogging, then what incentives do employees have to write on behalf of the company? Offering an existing channel where you’re successfully sharing content provides good examples for employees.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a potential customer or potential employee, people will always research companies to find more information. Having a team of savvy and successful brand ambassadors can help set the right tone and shows that the company cares about what is said about their brand online.


 Social Media: Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates
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How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?

hashtags1 150x150 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?Hashtags are everywhere and on different types of marketing materials. With that said, most television programs have also adapted this social media tool to promote their brands or even special topics and events. During this years Super Bowl, dozens of new commercials debuted and some got more buzz than others. It’s the time of year when advertisers go all out to make sure their commercials stand out and resonate with viewers.

More than 50% of the ads mentioned social media, with many using hashtags. Sysomos analyzed the reaction to these ads on Twitter and found that people prefer to tweet about a brand, rather than the commercial. So it’s not surprising that companies that used their own brand name in the hashtag (#doritos) performed better than those that didn’t. Popularity of the ad also played a role as well (#TheKiss).

The infographic below highlights the hashtags that were featured in different commercials and how they performed during the Super Bowl:

hashtag gridiron 662x1024 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?Infographic courtesy of Sysomos.

 How Effective are Twitter Hashtags in TV Commercials?
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The State of Social Media In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

twitter news The State of Social Media In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]Now that we’re well into 2013, everyone is wondering: what happened in social media over the past year? 2012 saw tremendous growth in social media coverage overall. While major events like the London Olympics and the November elections dominated Facebook and Twitter in 2012, other topics attracted social media attention as well. From President Obama’s first Google Hangout to SOPA to Kony to Gangnam style – all trended very well across various social networking sites. Learn more in the infographic below.

What were you talking about on social media last year?

stateofsocial2012 anitaloomba The State of Social Media In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic courtesy of: The SEO CompanyTwitter bird image via Shutterstock.

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Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]

With the enormous growth of social media and it’s impact on branding efforts, companies are looking to find more ways to determine the ROI of their social media efforts. While the concept of “liking” has definitely evolved over time and it’s value is often debated, according to a new research study, about 50% percent of consumers think a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than a brand’s website. Do you agree?

Research company, Lab42, has put together the infographic below which highlights their findings. Some key takeaways are:

  • 82% say Facebook is a good place to interact with brands
  • 75% say they feel more connected to a brand on Facebook
  • The biggest motivators of liking a brand on Facebook are promotions and discounts 
  • 77% have actually saved money from liking brands
  • 73% have unliked brands because: (1) They post too often (2) Stopped liking the brand or (3) Had a bad customer experience

Learn more below:

LikeUs INFO1 Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Lab42.


 Does Liking Influence The Consumer Experience? [Infographic]
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