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Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands

We know that social media has created another channel for customers to share positive and negative experiences with others. Companies should take this opportunity to fix negative experiences, highlighting their commitment to quality customer service. Along with this, they should be monitoring what customers are saying on the web.

A new study from eMarketer found that only 50% of companies use social media to track what is being said about their brands, and follow up with customers. Also, only 44% of companies have an internal response plan in place. What is the lesson here? Learn from other’s mistakes, monitor what is being about your brand, have an action plan and respond to negative feedback! Acknowledging any form of feedback will show your customers that you care about their experiences – which in turn can increase loyalty to your brand.

data social faux pas 01 2012 Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands

 Only 50% of Companies Use Social Media To Monitor Their Brands
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The ROI Of Social Media [Infographic]

Is social media marketing effective?

That’s the question many marketers or businesses face when thinking about including social media into the overall marketing mix. As the dynamics of this marketing channel change every day, answering the ROI question can be difficult but more companies are beginning to look at metrics that go beyond sales. Luckily the infographic below, which comes from MDG Advertising, outlines a new way of measuring the success of social media.

The infographic shows that not only are companies beginning to look at metrics like: site traffic, positive customer mentions, number of mentions, etc., but they’re also planning to increase their social media plans and budgets. They’ve also noted intangible benefits that social can provide, such as:

  • New Partnerships
  • Drops in Marketing costs
  • Improvement in Search engine rankings

Another area that stands out is recruiting. Companies are now proactively using social media to recruit new talent (80.2%), and 64% have successfully done so. Learn more below:

the roi of social media mdg advertising infographic The ROI Of Social Media [Infographic]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

 The ROI Of Social Media [Infographic]
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6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

We all know that success in social media depends on how engaged your followers are with the content you’re presenting. The timeline update to Facebook has given businesses the opportunity to showcase content in a visually appealing way. Ultimately as a business, your goal should be to get as much engagement (likes, comments and shares) as possible.  However, this can be a tough task as you’re probably competing with other messages in a fan’s newsfeed. The best solution is to integrate images, links and text to create a Facebook post that resonates with your fans. Here are some examples from different companies:


Disney 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

The simplest messages can go a long way with brand advocates. In the example above, Disney used an image to convey a fill in the blank post to it’s Facebook fans. Along with this, the brand not only integrated it’s logo but also used a color that pops.

Coca Cola

coca cola facebook post example 1 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

coca cola facebook post example 2 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

The Facebook posts from Coca Cola are fun and inspiring. Instead of using their logo, the brand made use of the iconic and universally known symbol of the bottle. They also used fill in the blanks and fun word play. It’s definitely engaging!


sharpie facebook post example 1 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

Sharpie is a brand that has embraced social media in a unique way with their products. For the Facebook post above, Sharpie took paper, sharpies and a camera to ask a simple question of their fans. This resulted in in over 400 comments!


starbucks facebook post example 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

In the Facebook post above, Starbucks uses photography to capture their audiences. The brand also makes the post relevant to their fans: who doesn’t like Ice Tea in the summer?! Throughout the Starbucks Facebook page, there are engaging visuals that include their products and people, which make the brand look more human.

Red Bull

Redbull facebook post example 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates

Red Bull has used video to convey a strong message to its Facebook fans. This type of messaging “sticks” and encourages fans to share, comment and ‘like’ further – creating more engagement. Does the video entice you to try something new?

 6 Creative & Engaging Facebook Updates
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How Consumers Use Social Media To Shop [Infographic]

Have you ever check-in at your grocery store, or tweeted while you’re shopping? Do you scan QR codes for your favorite brands? (I know I have done all of these). These types of activities are becoming the norm for consumers who are engaging with social media while shopping.

Empathica studied 6,500 consumers and their social media behavior while shopping, resulting in the infographic below. The study found that over half of the respondents, 55%, liked a Facebook brand page, and 37% visited the brands website on a mobile device. Twitter fell at the bottom of the list with 10% saying they followed a brand on the social network and only 8% saying they tweeted about a brand or an experience.

Also, 73% of consumers said Facebook influenced a recent store visit, followed by Google Reviews (38%) and Groupon (35%). Once they are in the store, consumers use mobile to either check prices (55%), scan a QR code (34%) or find a review (27%).

The key lesson here is to understand how your customers are interacting with your brand. Whether it’s social or mobile (or both), you need to reach them where they are, and monitor what they’re saying about your brand.

Empathica OnlineEngagement Infographic How Consumers Use Social Media To Shop [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Empathica

 How Consumers Use Social Media To Shop [Infographic]
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How Not To Lose Your Facebook Fans

facebook dislike button How Not To Lose Your Facebook FansYesterday I was having a discussion with someone about why social media is integral for business success. Customers are more social and mobile than ever before, and it’s important for businesses to have a presence otherwise they will get left behind. Knowing this, it’s also important for businesses to keep followers and fans engaged, because it only takes a second for a customer to “unlike” a Facebook page! Here are five tips on how not to lose your fans:

Posting too Frequently

If you’re posting five to six times a day, you’re definitely annoying your fans. Since your posts are being pushed into fan newsfeeds, they will be anything but excited to see a post from your brand by the fourth time in a day. At the very least, they will hide your content, making your posts invisible to them and giving your brand less exposure on Facebook. The minimum recommendation is posting once a day during a peak time when your fans are most engaged. There are also businesses that post a few times a week and still maintain good engagement.

Not Posting Enough

The opposite of posting too much, is not posting enough. Once fans have liked your page, they’re expecting posts that are engaging and relevant to them. As mentioned above, posting at least once a day or a few times a week is a good start. This creates consistency. If you stop posting after making your fans used to a certain amount of posts, you risk losing their attention, which in turn will decrease engagement.

Boring Posts

There’s nothing worse than liking a page that posts boring and irrelevant content. Facebook pages with less interesting and engaging content will eventually lose fans who will move over to a page that offers what they’re looking for. It’s key for businesses to keep things interesting and fun on Facebook in order to build a community of fans and brand advocates.

Ignoring Fans Questions or Comments

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is ignoring comments or questions they receive on Facebook. Being a public platform, these types of posts are visible to everyone. Businesses are responsible for responding to such inquiries and will be held accountable by other fans. Ignoring these types of requests will eventually result in loss of fans and will hurt your brand.

Deleting Negative Feedback

This is a number one way of losing credibility with your fans. Deleting negative comments or feedback can result in more negative comments, as fans will notice their deleted posts. Instead, businesses should take the opportunity to make things right – if a customer had a bad experience with your brand, figure out the root cause and try to make it better. They may come back later and say something positive!

These are some tips on how not to lose Facebook fans. Do you have more tips? Share them below!

Image courtesy of

 How Not To Lose Your Facebook Fans
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